“When the wish is illuminated” 

In broad the light, with a dim light, with indirect light. Even zenithal. In the shadows. Or completely in the dark. Which is like discovering yourself blindly.

In the hand to hand, the light persuades us, turns us on, hides us or acclaims us. Because there are not two identical ways of experiencing physical love, there is not only one way to enlighten it. 

“When the wish is illuminated” is a multisensory, interactive, collaborative and temporary project that we have developed for Viabizzuno, an undeniable reference in light design and lighting projects. It arises with the purpose of reflecting on the power of light in the body to body actions. And, with the will to inquire about the light preferences of people in their intimate scenography.

During the creative process we realized that the world was divided between those who do it in the dark. And those who do it with the light on. However, this is a little-discussed topic. Is it because it doesn’t seem important? Is it because, in full fury, we don’t have time to think about which light to turn on or which one to turn off? Or is it because, in reality, we do not know how to play with it and use it as we please?

In “When the desire is illuminated” visitors enter in a conceptual and very carnal space, where they have the possibility to play with five different lighting scenes until they find their ideal light to do so. If you ever had this idea that light had nothing to do in the matter of eroticism, you will be surprised. Because, put at the service of the desires, intentions and fantasies of each person, it’s an unrivaled accomplice.

This project has allowed us to let our hearts and ideas fly. And enjoy full creativity throughout the process. Thanks to it we have also established wonderful synergies with all the collaborators who have helped us materialize the proposal: Finsa Group, LaMadrid Group, Confetextil, Vicente Gómez Decoration, The Green Fuel, Deja Vu Brands and Novagis. Without their trust and support this would not have been possible.

The intervention was in the spazio of Viabizzuno Valencia (calle Cirilo Amorós, 48. Valencia) from December 19, 2018 to March 19, 2019.

Integral project:

Conceptualization, graphic design, interior design / Ephemeral installation 

Photography: Caulin Photo

Skills: Branding / Diseño gráfico, Interiorismo, Proyecto 360
Client: Viabizzuno