As humans we share 99.9% of our DNA. It is hard to believe judging from what we see in the mirror. But it is true. We are almost identical. We are almost the same. We are only 0.1% different. A tiny percentage that makes diversity possible and labels this new concept of beauty space.

Through this creative and deep approach, Wanna One creates and designs an integral branding and interior design project for a new business concept.

A singular brand which surprises in form, very different from anything else out there, visually and verbally. But also deep down, thanks to a powerful discourse that invites us to do a self-awareness exercise: accept ourselves as we are, embrace our singularities to, at the same time, be conscious of how much we share with more than 7 billion people who live on Earth. Regardless of their age, nationality and the image that is reflected in the mirror.


Photography: Caulin Photo

Skills: Branding / Diseño gráfico, Diseño gráfico, Interiorismo, Proyecto 360