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What if you could live each day as if it were your last?

Wouldn’t it be good to be aware of the urge to enjoy life?

To get the best out of our friends?

To make sure you give them the same in return?

Be true to who you are. 

Be honest about your beliefs.

And above all, have fun in the world that you have to live in.

This is the place. Now is the time.

Welcome to 2060. The end of the world hostel.


When the heart asks for something, do it. That is the great learning that we take from 2060 The Newton Hostel, the most important project in our career.

A year ago, we were commissioned to design the website of this new hostel. And we got overzealous.We ended up creating a concept and a universe, inspired by the prophecy of Isaac Newton, but with an eye on the future. And only because our heart told us.

We will never forget that meeting, in which Sergio and Felipe said yes to everything, with tears in their eyes and a lump in their throat. From that moment on, we embarked on an adventure of unknown dimensions for everyone: transforming an old six-storey warehouse located in the center of Madrid into an urban oasis. And into an anthem to life.

Today, as the hostel of the end of the world already welcomes travelers, we look back and realize that we shared all kinds of things during that year. Laugh attacks, dreams, illusions.

Also, the deepest devastation, when Sergio left us, shortly before his dream was fulfilled.

The invitation to live the now today that we hand our guests, has been fulfilled in a prophetic way in ourselves first, during each of the days that we dedicate to making Sergio and Felipe’s life project a reality, a project they had been pursuing for 11 years.

Thanks to their blind trust in us and the harmony of our hearts, we have been able to do something we had never done before: invent a refuge for lovers of life. And we have been able to do it with love, freedom and patience. Without sacrificing the details, having fun. Accompanied by professionals and artists who have helped us enrich the 2060 universe.

We have also lost our fear and transcended the limits we placed on ourselves.

That’s why 2060 is not a date. Not a hostel. For us, 2060 has been and is the best gift we have received throughout our professional lives.


Hospitality Design Award. Winner Select-Service. 2019
Premios ADCV. Finalist. Design in space. 2019

Integral project:

Market and trends audit  /  Brand strategy  /  Naming  /  Branding  /  Interior design  /  Furniture design  /  Wayfinding  /  Web site  /  Communication support

Photography: Caulin Photo

Skills: Branding / Diseño gráfico, Digital, Diseño gráfico, Interiorismo, Proyecto 360