It takes two to dance a tango. Shall we dance?

In Wanna One we have a purpose.

To put our creativity at the service of companies that are willing to take a risk, to break the rules, to surround themselves with optimism and to create unique experiences.

Welcome to Wanna One.

The marketing, design and interior design study specialized in brand experiences and 360º projects.

We all have a past. But we prefer to live in the present. And ours began 3 years ago.


German Design Nominee. 2060 The Newton Hostel. 2020
German Design Nominee. Viabizzuno «Cuando el deseo se ilumina». 2020

Hospitality Design Award. Winner Select-Service. 2060 The Newton Hostel. 2019
Premios ADCV. Finalist. Design in space. 2060 The Newton Hostel. 2019
Premios ADCV. Finalist. Ephemeral installation. Viabizzuno. 2019
Premios ADCV. Finalist. Logo. Bag in Box. 2019
German Design Nominee. Lock and be Free. 2019

Selected Bilbao. Lock and be Free. 2018
A’ Design Award. Winner Platinum. For Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award. 2017

Laus Bronce Signane ADG. FAD. Project Lock & be free. 2017


Teachers in the IED Madrid:
Projects. Design in space. New models. P2 | 3º TSD Interiors 18/19
Projects. Foundation Course Interior Design IED Madrid. 18/19