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carta_design_shirt_the_hat_madrid_wanna_one_wannaone shirt_branding_design_shirt_the_hat_madrid_wanna_one_wannaone-design-shirt-the-hat-madrid-wanna-one-wannaone


1 week, 1 ephemeral cocktail bar to conceptualize, design and produce, 3 hours to assemble, 48 hours to design and produce the cocktail menu, t-shirts and handbags. But of course, 1 whole weekend in Matadero de Madrid to enjoy the best cocktails by #hardcandy by The Hat.

Challenge achieved for our team and our client, our low cost ephemeral cocktail bar attracted lots of “Petit Putón” lovers, the most served cocktail by The Hat Hostel.

Skills: Branding / Diseño gráfico, Interiorismo
Client: Hard Candy By The Hat