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For the 7th edition of Decoracción, our Team created an intervention where the people could interact airing their dirty laundry, share their hidden confessions and those bad habits of which you are ashamed.

In order to persuade the people to participate, Wanna One made public their own confessions: “I am a plant serial killer”, “I do not spy my neighbors, I just make sure they are fine”. The people was able to discover them in the cardboard t-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. that were hanging in front of the Laundry or in the postcards created for the event.

The participation of Madrid population and tourists was huge. In one week, we have received hundreds of confesiones being obliged to extend their installation. The concept and its presentation seduced all the public, from the youngest to the oldest ones and many of them participated, showing a high level of creativity and humor.

A set of T-shirts has been launched for the event: they can be book at www.lavatustrapossucios.com. The Studio is also sharing in the Social Networks Facebook and Instagram, the best shared confessions (@lavatustrapossucios).

“I only go to the gym for seeing my coach ass”, “I activate private Spotify sessions for listening Reggaeton”, “If the laundry does not smell,  it is not dirty yet” those are some ones of the hundreds of confessions that were aired at the Las Letras neighborhood.

From June 8th to 14th 2016, all the public was able to air their dirty laundry and have a laugh of others #trapitosalsol.

With this Project in Madrid’s heart, the Wanna One studio shared happiness and good humor in the neighborhood.

Special thanks to Leroy Merlin, for supporting us one more year, to the team from Lock & Be Free and Miguel Catalá for being always with us.

Skills: Branding / Diseño gráfico, Interiorismo, Proyecto 360