When you get to know Bruno Ruiz, you can’t imagine the audacity and the passion of his dishes. He seems to be shy, sensitive and quiet. That’s why the surprise is even bigger when you discover how daring his way of cooking is, how passionate and creative he is.

Inspired by the contrast between his quiet personality and the innovation of his cooking, we came up with an innovative photographic session, with a technique which reveals the plasticity of Bruno Ruiz’s cooking. The idea is simple: to point at the shining universe of his kitchen, rich and daring, with his amazing textures, tastes and surprising mixes.

The pictures show perfectly the chef’s philosophy: the star is his cooking, not him. His calm and warm manners can be seen in the colours coming out of his creations. Every dish, cutlery and glass was carefully painted to achieve a unique esthetic , a very different and innovative approaching to food photography.


tapas_wanna_one_bruno_ruiz_yellow_4_2560 bruno ruiz tapas magazine wanna one

*Picture published in Tapas magazine TAPAS, September 2016 . Page 43.

wanna_one_bruno_ruiz_black_4_2560_px wanna_one_bruno_ruiz_green_2_2560_px wanna_one_bruno_ruiz_grey_1_2560_px wanna_one_bruno_ruiz_pink_2_2560_px wanna_one_bruno_ruiz_purple_6_2560_px



Skills: Estilismo