“We are passionate about brands and the stories that surround them”

Ours is not a conventional relationship. Some say it seems like from an another planet. What is clear is that we are passionate about brands and the stories that surround them.

Building Universes, inspiring moments, cause lasting smiles… those are some of our specialties’.

We are straightforward.

We enjoy what we do, working hard, with energy and enthusiasm. We are craft-women of the image, all our costumes are tailored and yours too.

Our projects are 360º, not because we like pirouettes but because we always think global.

Cathy, is the Strategic Director. She analyzes and focuses everything that enters and leaves from Wanna One.

Esther, is the Creative Director. She provides the Creative and graphic impulse to all the projects.

Together, we are well experienced in terms of image and communication with over 15 years of experience side by side with big brands.

From our passion for design and interior design, was born our blog Wanna One and the Home Staging and Interior Design services completing with them the perfect performance for our projects.